Music Literacy

When I first started playing guitar, I read tab and played chords. I could read music from all the years of playing the saxophone in school — some of my students do not have an arts program at their school! But I wanted to push my playing. I bought some spiral bound books of music… Continue reading Music Literacy

Playing Guitar in Pain: How to Avoid and Manage Pain

Guitar and Pain Guitar has brought me love, joy, adventure, and hope but it also brought me chronic pain. I have chronic pain in my left shoulder and my lower back. It started to affect the people that I care about, academics, practicing/performance(I would write breaks in my rider), driving a car, going out with… Continue reading Playing Guitar in Pain: How to Avoid and Manage Pain

Don’t Forget the Why

Don’t forget they why. Recently, I was traveling abroad and had a long flight. I worked at a company that had Simon Sinek  of TED talks fame and a thinker  about motivation/human behavior/leadership/marketing speak. So I downloaded his book ‘Start With Why‘. Two good TED talks are ‘Start with Why‘ and ‘Top 10 Rules for Success‘. The… Continue reading Don’t Forget the Why